Horowitz against banning Muslim campus group – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com

Horowitz against banning Muslim campus group – Ben Smith: Horowitz against banning Muslim campus group


David Horowitz, who has made a career out of both his anti-radical Islam bona fides and his campus free speech activism, breaks with a popular anti-radical Islam group trying to push the Muslim Students Association off campuses — arguing that it’s an issue of free expression:

An ally in the struggle against Islamo-fascism, Act for America, which is led by a courageous woman, Brigitte Gabriel, has launched a misguided campaign to combat the malign influence of the Muslim Student Association on campus. The campaign calls for the banning of the Muslim Students Association.

As documented by the Investigative Project and by our publication The Muslim Students Association and the Muslim Brotherhood, and by our profile page in DiscovertheNetworks.org, the Muslim Students Association is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a sister organization of the terrorist group Hamas. It is conducting an on-campus campaign whose goal is to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state so that Hamas can destroy it and push the Jews into the sea. But Act for America has decided to oppose the MSA not with arguments, not by exposing its monstrous lies and evil intentions, but by banning it as a campus group, by denying its members their First Amendment rights to assembly and free speech. We at the David Horowitz Freedom Center are unequivocally and unalterably opposed to this petition and its demand.



Horowitz against banning Muslim campus group – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com.

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