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As Israel becomes increasingly isolated in the world, an organized propaganda war of hatred and incitement against Israel and Zionism is being conducted on college campuses today. Recently, on November 14, the aptly named event, “The Ugly War Against Israel on College Campuses” at Temple Beth Sholom in Roslyn Heights was an inspirational call to action to stand up for Israel with the faith and integrity of Abraham. Those students and alumni who speak out and fight on the battlefield of our college campuses will make all the difference.

The event was part of an ongoing lecture series sponsored by the Rabbi Herbert Tarr North Shore Institute for Adult Jewish Education. The house was packed with students and attendees from across the political spectrum. Supporters of AIPAC, StandWithUs, a pro-Israel advocacy organization, National Association of Scholars (NAS), and others were in attendance. Various members of the National Conference on Jewish Affairs (NCJA), a new pro-Israel, anti-Islamist umbrella organization of Jewish leaders and groups were handing out literature. They work closely with young Jewish students in the belly of the beast on campus.

The propaganda war against Israel was addressed by two eminent speakers, Irving Roth, Director of Temple Judea’s Holocaust Resource Center and international educator, and Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, trustee of the City University of New York (CUNY) and former FBI Foreign counter-intelligence agent. They both presented personal experiences, research and anecdotal reports on the movement to delegitimize Israel that has overrun college campuses and extends its cult-like tentacles into New York’s highest political and cultural circles, and most importantly, how to fight it.

“The soul of America is at stake. The battlefield of our college campuses is where the fight for the soul of America takes place.” Irving Roth, a Holocaust survivor, trumpeted this message about the urgency of the battle we face as he opened our eyes to the troubling extent of the infiltration of campuses by anti-Israel professors, administrators, department chairs and the Muslim Students Association (MSA), an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood​. He laid out the alarming details of how well-funded, well-organized and long-standing is this ubiquitous propaganda movement, and just as deadly as the nonstop terrorist violence against Israel.

From the birth of the State of Israel in 1948, Arab armies could not defeat her on the battlefield so they sought to convert American college campuses to a propaganda machine to lionize Islam and demonize Israel. This ongoing campaign of hate and anti-Semitism has been well funded by Saudi Arabian petrodollars with professorships on sale for upwards of $50 million to peddle the Palestinian narrative that Israel is an “apartheid state” that is “occupying” Palestine.

via The Ugly War Against Israel on College Campuses | FrontPage Magazine.

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