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The hypocrisy of the event was epitomized as speakers condemned the very existence of a “Jewish” State, but urged the creation of a Palestinian Muslim state which envisions Islam as the official religion, Arabic as the official language, and the principles of Islamic Sharia law, with its gender inequities and religious apartheid, as the main source of legislation.

By presenting a one-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and discussing the ways to achieve it, the conference advocated the demographic destruction of the Jewish State, thereby denying the right of the Jewish people to exercise their own sovereignty. By funding and hosting this conference, Harvard University lent its prestige to, and provided a supportive forum for, one of the most ancient forms of bigotry and hatred.

The conference, in the opinion of some, turned out to be “rather tame and uneventful,” “much ado about nothing,” and with “few surprises.” Even Professor Dershowitz, one of the conference’s harshest critics, concluded that “we are winning” in the campus PR war against Israel.

via New Front in Israel Campus Wars | FrontPage Magazine.

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